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Kyra. Twenty-something Alaskan (ask me about it! I've lived here most of my life, including five years in Barrow, the northernmost community in the US) with two English degrees who seems to be in a holding pattern waiting for life to start. Still thinking about going back to school...some more. The academic nerdery is strong with this one. (Undergrad thesis: werewolves. Grad thesis: vampires. Specifically, Dracula, Twilight, and rape culture.) Writer, reader, wannabe novelist, hopeful cynic, traveler (up to 15 countries! *fist pump*), Ravenclaw, Browncoat, Whovian (Ten will always be my Doctor), member of way too many other fandoms, Tom Hiddleston fan, proud geek and gamer girl, etc. (favorites include the Mass Effect, Portal, and Fallout series, and Red Dead Redemption). Politically conservative-to-moderate feminist (yes, it's possible). Living with clinical depression since at least 2004. Somewhere around the demisexual end of the asexual spectrum. Possibly a vampire.

Also, I'm kind of writing a novel because Tom Hiddleston has a stupid face.

You can find me in multiple elsewheres, in varying degrees of regularity: in my writing journal, mostly for fanfic and fanmixes;; Twitter; AO3; and Fallen London, where I misunderstood the character creation for some reason and picked the wrong gender, among others. I'm thestarvelingcat on PSN, which is mostly only relevant if you want to find me in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, and 100indecisions on Steam, as well as at Playfire. I'm still in love with Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I play semi-regularly on the Harbinger server under several different characters.

I also run F Yeah Fireflies and F yeah Raspberries, which are...pretty much what they say on the tin, as well as another one for one of my novels-in-progress. Calli and I co-run Strangeness in the Proportion for a horror game we're trying to make and the Red Dead Redemption blog the gunslinger's lament.

Formerly visions-and-revisions.


7 July 12

MY COSTUMES ARE COMPLETE. They’re, uh, nearly all genderswap costumes I DO WHAT I WANT. Ninth Doctor, Loki, Abigail Marston, Jackie Marston (reference: Jack’s normal outfit). Not pictured: Loki’s staff, because it’s over at Calli’s house where her dad’s going to make a fishing-pole case for it so I can actually bring it. I realize these are super crappy pictures, but I don’t have a lot to work with—I can’t actually close my closet door, for instance, because boxes, and I couldn’t find my mini tripod—but at least this is an idea of my SDCC costumes. Ridiculously, the Jackie Marston costume is both the most complicated and the most obscure; I’ll be lucky if anybody besides Calli and Jo know who I’m supposed to be. Also the belt on the Loki costume kind of makes me look shorter and stumpier than I already am, so that’s unfortunate. Oh, and the last one’s a close-up of my earrings for Nine, which are made from tiny clock hands. I didn’t make them, sadly, but they’re still awesome. And yes, Jackie Marston has a tiny pistol in her boot.

  1. runningtheriskofbeingfree said: KYRA the Loki costume is amazing!! And the rest look really awesome, but I’m particularly impressed by Loki. :D :D
  2. erlkonigstochter said: looks great! And the Loki crown looks amazing!
  3. agreyeyedgirl said: They look awesome!
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