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Kyra. Twenty-something Alaskan (ask me about it! I've lived here most of my life, including five years in Barrow, the northernmost community in the US) with two English degrees who seems to be in a holding pattern waiting for life to start. Still thinking about going back to school...some more. The academic nerdery is strong with this one. (Undergrad thesis: werewolves. Grad thesis: vampires. Specifically, Dracula, Twilight, and rape culture.) Writer, reader, wannabe novelist, hopeful cynic, traveler (up to 15 countries! *fist pump*), Ravenclaw, Browncoat, Whovian (Ten will always be my Doctor), member of way too many other fandoms, Tom Hiddleston fan, proud geek and gamer girl, etc. (favorites include the Mass Effect, Portal, and Fallout series, and Red Dead Redemption). Politically conservative-to-moderate feminist (yes, it's possible). Living with clinical depression since at least 2004. Somewhere around the demisexual end of the asexual spectrum. Possibly a vampire.

Also, I'm kind of writing a novel because Tom Hiddleston has a stupid face.

You can find me in multiple elsewheres, in varying degrees of regularity: in my writing journal, mostly for fanfic and fanmixes;; Twitter; AO3; and Fallen London, where I misunderstood the character creation for some reason and picked the wrong gender, among others. I'm thestarvelingcat on PSN, which is mostly only relevant if you want to find me in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, and 100indecisions on Steam, as well as at Playfire. I'm still in love with Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I play semi-regularly on the Harbinger server under several different characters.

I also run F Yeah Fireflies and F yeah Raspberries, which are...pretty much what they say on the tin, as well as another one for one of my novels-in-progress. Calli and I co-run Strangeness in the Proportion for a horror game we're trying to make and the Red Dead Redemption blog the gunslinger's lament.

Formerly visions-and-revisions.


20 October 14


i had a crush on this guy and i decided to pull a Pavlov on him by offering him whenever i saw him  this brand of candy he seemed to really like and after a while whenever he saw me he got excited for a second then you could see his expression shift to wondering the why the hell was he so happy to see me and i swear it was the evilest thing but also the most hilarious i made a guy like me by conditioning him into associating me to a candy he liked

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this is the best thing i’ve ever made 


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Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching. (x)

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19 October 14

"Awww kitten’s on an adventure!" I thought, and then the top gif loaded all the way and suddenly DEMON KITTEN?? Either way though it’s relevant to plenilune's interests.

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Submerge. The fight to keep your head above water can be a tough one sometimes. 

Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5 and an hour or two of messy sketching. 


Submerge. The fight to keep your head above water can be a tough one sometimes. 

Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5 and an hour or two of messy sketching. 

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"…something is definitely wrong here."

"…something is definitely wrong here."

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This is important


teach your sons and daughters not to rape, not to put drugs in drinks, teach them to be nice 


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i cant

how dare they

i need them all

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Photographer: Nicholas JavedMakeup: Anna GrabowskaModel: Alicja Zebrowska


Photographer: Nicholas Javed
Makeup: Anna Grabowska
Model: Alicja Zebrowska

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The Escapist’s Alexander Marcis has been crowdfunding #GamerGater James Desborough while giving him preferential press coverage


This is utter hypocrisy. There’s no other way to describe it.

Alexander Marcis is general manager for The Escapist, a reactionary right-skewing video game website. The Escapist recently ran a raft of nakedly pro-#GamerGate interviews with a motley crew of developers, many of whom have been accused of sexist behaviour in the past. Developer James Desborough was the subject of one such interview

A prominent member of #GamerGate, Desborough tweets under the username @GRIMACHU. He recently ran an Indiego campaign to print RPG Chronicles Of Gor, based on an insane fictional universe where women are willing sex slaves. Alexander Marcis was eager to contribute:


Desborough was also part of the inital IRC push to undermine and attack Zoe Quinn (Ctrl+F, search for “Grimachu”)

I wasn’t able to find Marcis listed among the backers on the site, but as indiegogo allows for both anonymous backing and the use of pseudonyms I wasn’t really expecting to (and if you’re backing a game about submissive sex slaves in metal bikinis, you might not want to). 

In other words: a publication gave preferential treatment to an indie developer while funding them. The same situation that people like James Desborough have been loudly decrying as a public front about while they dismantle the lives of female developers and their supporters for over two months and counting.

It’s one rule for guys like James Desborough and Alexander Marcis to pump out masturbatory slavery fiction and near-libel and another rule altogether for creators like Zoe Quinn who try and do something positive about mental health issues. What more proof do you need that the “ethics and corruption” mantra of #GamerGate is just a pretext to attack female developers and political progressives?

#GamerGate is still the corruption.

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Sometimes you do not even need to remember neither moments nor quotes from movie for understanding feelings of heroes. When i see Loki’s face i just see the guy who became entangled and despair from the madness of conflicting feelings within himself

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Anonymous said: You can go on for a while about why you hate him, ahaha - good then, you have an audience: why do you hate Odin?


Let’s just get this out there first: he’s awful. 

First off, let’s talk about his politics. We can spend all day picking apart his diplomacy because I doubt Marvel wanted to spend much time justifying their made-up government. I suppose we should extend some credit to him in which his violence is slightly diluted from his father’s genocidal tendencies; at the very least, where Bor intended to destroy the entire race of Dark Elves, Odin at least did not do so for the Frost Giants. Though depowering Jotunheim to their bare bones after the war did as much to promote realm intergalactic peace and healing as the Versailles Treaty did to Germany after WWI, unsurprisingly. Anyway, there’s no denying that Odin has no intentions of any sort of actual peace with Jotunheim because to him, if there is no war, there is peace, but that’s not exactly how black and white international relations are. His extended hand of friendship goes as far as “please ignore the fact that my son just killed several of your men on apparent false claims so we can skedaddle and leave you to clean up his mess.” It’s a wonder, really, how any of the other Realms are not as viciously angry at Odin as Jotunheim is, though considering how very little we see of the other realms, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that truly were the case.

While we are on that, let’s talk about Odin’s racism—blatant, unrepentant racism. It’s easy to see him as not racist because he does not blow up about Frost Giants as Thor did in the past, and he was not quick to seek war when Frost Giants invaded Asgard. But let’s remember that some of the most painful and strongest forms of racism does not have to be loudmouthed. I think many people before me have investigated this—the way that he thought that hiding Loki’s racial heritage from him was a benevolent mercy, that it was something worth hiding and being protected from, how he never bothered to correct Thor in their childhood or even in adulthood when Thor branded them as inferior. And it’s not just an enemy nation that he is racist against, but also mortals. We all remember the goat comment Odin made about Jane. For all his talk about being no better than them when berating Loki, he sure as hell does not walk the walk of the talk he talks.

I’d go on to his hypocrisy and fathering abilities, but while we are still in the conversation of his kingship, we need to think about how he runs Asgard as a whole. We can be critical about Thor’s plan of dealing with the Aether problem, but let’s be real, Odin’s plan was faring no better. Keeping the Aether-possessed girl in Asgard destroyed homes and killed many lives including the queen’s the first time? Maybe we’ll have better luck if we do it again! 

Anyway, his fathering: Let’s be real, I used to try to find the good in Odin. ‘of the cold and brokenhearted’ and ‘Syrgja’ have certainly tried to express that view, but now I have been disenchanted and embittered. Let’s skip over the events of Thor 1 and prior to that because we all realise that ‘no loki’ was not tactful in that particular situation by now. I think it’s no mystery that this is a really awful and heartless thing to say to a child no matter what they’ve done:

He’s basically saying, you owe your life to me, the only reason you’re alive and the only reason why you have any family or home was because of me, but you’ve messed up and let me remind you how much you didn’t and shouldn’t deserve it. And the ‘birthright to die’ thing—it’s basically negating any sort of fatherly love that he had tried to imply in the first movie. All that thing about Loki being his son and all that is negated because it’s now saying, you weren’t meant to be my son, you weren’t meant to be loved and cared for by anyone because you were meant to die alone because no one wanted you, and it’s only out of my conditionalmercy that you weren’t left to die. His mercy and his love are purely conditional—if you do what I expect of you, what doesn’t shame me, I will accept you as my son, but if not, you’re on your own, you are no son of mine. Yes, what Loki did on Earth was awful, but to reject a child for it is not what a parent should do. Children aren’t meant to live up to parents’ expectations; parents do not have children only when the children are inconvenient to them. He’s only basing Loki’s worth on what Loki does—Loki takes the wrong turn, slips up, goodbye child. 

Not to mention banning his own mum to ever see him again—luckily Frigga didn’t listen to that, at least in loopholes. 

This is getting really long, so I’ll stop here. But yeah, tl;dr—I know that Odin was never meant to be Father of the Year and I’m sure we all do but sometimes we just gotta hate

This is a pretty excellent summary of everything I despise about Odin, particularly that last long paragraph. I still sort of prefer to see Odin written as not actually evil but someone who screws up as much as anyone else and has a hard time admitting it, which is still pretty bad and no excuse at all but a little more nuanced than “he’s just evil”. I honestly don’t know why, because I do hate Odin, and I enjoy seeing him presented as an awful person too. I’m actually playing around with this in a few different WIPs—one’s a TDW AU and he’s kind of awful in that, but I’m still trying to be fair to him, and at the end he’s going to realize just how badly he screwed everything up, which is pretty much the only way he can be a decent person. And then in another fic he’s basically just awful.

It’s also kind of funny to me that I think I’ve read only a couple post-TDW fics where Loki and Odin actually reconciled, and it pretty much only happened because Odin knew he was about to die, so I don’t know if anybody can see a way for them to get over “your birthright was to die” etc. and actually still live together. 

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Painted the girl and her wolf.


Painted the girl and her wolf.

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh